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About me

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It's good to meet you. I'm Emily Rowcliffe. I established Tonbridge Psychotherapy in 2018 and work from my tranquil garden therapy space, based in the Slade area of Tonbridge

  • I am an Accredited Psychotherapist with BACP and am a Recognised Provider with BUPA

  • I have 10 years experience as a General Nurse in the NHS and private sectors and as such have a broad understanding of physical as well as mental health issues

  • I am also a professional musician and enjoy bringing music in to the therapy room with clients where requested

  • I have a profound love of nature and offer walk-and-talk psychotherapy sessions in the beautiful countryside surrounding my practice

  • I am a fully trained Iyengar Yoga teacher and offer 1:1 Yoga Therapy to clients of all abilities 

About you

You might be at a crossroads in your life. Perhaps you are aware of a growing sense of dissatisfaction, unhappiness or unrest. You may have experienced trauma in your life or a bereavement. You may have issues with your family or other close relationships. Perhaps you've noticed the same things happening over and over.

However huge or small your problems might feel, talking therapy can get you back on your feet again. 

If you are motivated and committed to a better future for yourself then look no further- get in touch to arrange a FREE assessment session with me and find out how we can work together.

What to expect 

  • Get in touch via the contact form 

  • We will arrange your FREE initial assessment with no obligation to continue with sessions

  • The assessment is for us both to consider whether we are a good fit for each other moving forwards

  • I am fully insured, DBS checked and registered with the BACP and ICO, adhering to all ethical codes of professional conduct and following all guidelines for storing data according to GDPR

  • I am an Accredited Member of BACP 

  • I use regular clinical supervision in order to ensure that I offer the best possible service to my clients

  • We will meet regularly (usually once per week) in the same place at the same time

  • I offer flexible sessions including Sundays and evenings

  • I will invite you to consider your goals for our work together and we will regularly review your progress

  • I've had counselling before and it didn't really help; is it worth trying again?
    If you still feel that you have unresolved issues and you want to address them then YES. The chances are that you weren't ready for change before; perhaps your counsellor and you weren't a great fit for some reason. Maybe the approach that your last counsellor used wasn't one that suited your life philosophy. Maybe my style of working will be the change you needed; if not, you are under no obligation to stay. Perhaps we can work out together what you are looking for and I can point you in the right direction. You are entitled to live your life happily and to be yourself, unapologetically. It's definitely worth trying again.
  • I'm feeling nervous at the thought of seeing a therapist... is that normal?
    A lot of clients feel anxious at the thought of starting psychotherapy or counselling. Perhaps you worry that you might feel judged or blamed; maybe the people around you say counselling is for weak people; you might be worried about confidentiality. I understand your anxieties because I have been there myself- I have been a client of psychotherapy for many years. I aim for you to feel as comfortable as possible. I adhere to a strict ethical code regarding boundaries and confidentiality. Our sessions are entirely for you: there is no other experience or environment like that of great therapy. It's worth feeling uncomfortable for.
  • You say you have supervision- what does that mean?
    In order to ensure that you are safe , in order that you get the best possible therapeutic experience and in order that my work is boundaried and ethical, I meet regularly with a very senior psychotherpist who oversees my work. This supervisor is bound by the same confidentiality and ethical obligations as I am and as such, any information shared about you will remain between us. Supervision is really an objective viewpoint of my work with each client; a third party who can sometimes spot problems that I might not have seen myself and moreover, a very highly trained therapist who makes sure that you are getting an excellent service.
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